Bangkok Governor Chadchart coordinates campaigns to combat PM2.5 with draft bill

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Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt stipulated guidelines for preventing and solving the PM2.5 dust problem in the Thai capital, yesterday, January 10, at Bangkok City Hall, Din Daeng.

A campaign has been implemented to change engine oil and air filters according to the usage cycle accordingly to reduce dust caused by dark smoke and exhaust emissions from the combustion engine (diesel). Both PM10 and PM2.5 will be tackled under the project name, This Car Reduces Dust.

According to a report from the Environment Agency, 41,488 cars have already participated in the project. Dust-free classrooms have also been set up for kindergarteners. A campaign to reduce biomass burning along with follow-up on situation predictions from related agencies has also been established.

Governor Chadchart hoped that the PM2.5 situation would improve in the next four to five days. The city has coordinated with various television stations to disseminate the dust situation to the public accordingly. Proper guidelines for self-protection are still necessary and reports will be issued in gradual phases.

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“Overall, there must be a year-on-year comparison of data. The Environment Agency reported that This year’s dust situation should be better than last year. But the colour may look strong. Because there has been a change in colour.”

The Cabinet meeting has resolved to approve the draft bill for the Clean Air Management Act and acknowledged the plan to prepare secondary laws, timeframes, and essential frameworks of secondary laws issued under the said Act yesterday, reported Matichon.

The 57 year old city chief said that Bangkok fully supports and will cooperate with measures outlined in the draft bill and will take necessary corrective actions. The city will collaborate with the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment amongst other government departments.

In related news, the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency reported yesterday, January 10, that 53 provinces across Thailand are grappling with detrimental health impacts due to PM2.5 dust pollution. Don Mueang district in Bangkok is suffering the most, registering the highest levels of this harmful particulate matter.

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