Dream-turned-nightmare: Thai woman’s severed-neck vision unveils cheating husband

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A bad dream featuring the severed neck of a Thai woman’s husband prompted her to investigate whether her husband was cheating on her. The woman’s worst fears came true, her husband was having an affair. Now, the woman, Sunisa finds herself entangled in a legal dispute with her husband and the other woman involved. The other woman has threatened to sue Sunisa, accusing her of violating computer crimes law.

Sunisa saw her husband’s beheaded image in a dream. She initially brushed off the disturbing image, but when she was unable to contact her husband on June 15, she became increasingly worried. After failing to reach him several times throughout the day, she contacted one of his younger colleagues at their factory in Nakhon Ratchasima, who informed her that he hadn’t seen her husband, KhaoSod reported.

At around 6pm, she decided to track him down and eventually found his car parked outside a hotel around midnight. Distraught, she called her husband’s phone until he opened the hotel room door, revealing another woman inside. Sunisa questioned her husband’s behaviour and asked the other woman if she knew he was married. The woman claimed ignorance, even though there was a sticker in the husband’s car stating, “wife’s seat.”

Sunisa said that she and her husband had been married for four years, and this was not his first instance of infidelity. Previously, she forgave her husband after finding conversations on his phone with another woman. But this time, she could not forgive him. Having decided to divorce her husband, Sunisa sought compensation of 50,000 baht (US$1,441), as she would have to bear the financial burden alone in the future.

However, Sunisa faced counter-legal claims from the other woman, who threatened to sue her for violation of computer crimes law and demanded 100,000 baht (US$2,883) in damages. Despite being the wronged party, Sunisa found herself battling legal claims from both her husband and the other woman.

Determined to set an example for others who might be wronged, she decided to press charges against the third party and sought justice for her suffering caused by her cheating husband and his mistress.

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