Woman steals 10,000 baht in lottery tickets from vendors in Isaan

A woman in the Isaan province Nakhon Ratchasima allegedly stole more than 100 lottery tickets, which cost a total of around 10,000 baht. CCTV footage from a local lottery shop shows a woman, who appears to be around 60 years old, talking tickets from the shop.

The woman walked into the shop pretending to look at the numbers, but was she was actually stealing them, using a newspaper to cover her stash of tickets. The lottery tickets that were stolen were packed as sets of five and two. She reportedly got over 100 lottery tickets which cost around 10,000 baht.

The shop owner shared with Thai media that he complained to the Mueng Nakhon Ratchasima Police Station. He added that a similar case used to happen to another branch and thought that they were the same group working together.

Some Thai netizens shared that 100 lottery tickets shouldn’t make 10,000 baht losses as tickets are supposed to be sold at 80 baht per each. Many vendors have reportedly been selling tickets at 100 baht, claiming brokers sell them at a high price. To fix the problem, the Government Lottery Office is now planning on opening an online lottery marketplace for customers to buy directly from the lottery office. Also, they will offer the lottery agents an online selling platform.

Steal lotteries in Nakhon Ratchasima

SOURCE: Sanook | Khaosod

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