Woman stabs 11 year old girl for smiling at her (video)

A woman with mental health problems was arrested yesterday after she stabbed an 11 year old girl in the neck. The woman did it because she was angry the girl and her mother smiled at her in front of a convenience store.

The girl’s father, Kittiphat, sought help from the non-profit organisation Saimai Survive, after the stabbing incident on February 11, because no progress had been made in the case.

The 41 year old father of the victim told the media that the incident happened in front of a convenience store on Saturday night on Perm Sin Road in the Samai district of Bangkok. The attacker suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stabbed his daughter with a kitchen knife.

The young girl was hospitalised for two days before doctors confirmed that she was out of danger and allowed her to return home. Kittiphat revealed that his daughter missed her high school entrance exam due to her injuries.

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The girl’s father said he filed a complaint with the police at Bang Khen Police Station. CCTV footage of the stabbing incident was widely shared on social media but officers provided no updates for him and his family and that is why he reached out to Saimai Survive for help.

Kittiphat learned from locals living in the area that the woman had a mental health problem. He stated that he understood the woman’s condition but that her family should be more responsible in caring for her.

Kittiphat reported that his daughter was greatly impacted by the incident, as she has transformed from a lively and cheerful individual into a timid, anxious person.

Later that day, law enforcement officials arrested the perpetrator, a 33-year-old woman named Thip, and confiscated the assault weapon, a 30-centimetre knife, and motorcycle used in the crime as evidence.

Thip acknowledged that she had no prior interaction with the young girl or her family and had not engaged in any previous altercations with them. She admitted to stabbing the girl in a fit of anger because she was in a bad mood.

According to Thip, she went to the store to withdraw money and felt enraged upon seeing the girl and her mother smiling at her. Thip claimed that she did not intend to harm the girl and accidentally stabbed her while brandishing the knife.

However, the security camera footage clearly showed that the woman deliberately walked past the girl and intentionally stabbed her in the neck.

Police finally sprung into action as the news was spread on social media and Thip was charged with violating Section 295 of the Criminal Law: whoever causes injury to another person’s body or mind shall be punished with imprisonment for up to two years, a fine of up to 40,000 baht, or both. She was also charged with Section 371: carrying weapons in public places without permission. She would be fined up to 1,000 baht more for the charge.

The report does not provide any further details regarding Thip’s mental health problems.

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