Chiang Mai woman faces durian delivery disaster, receiving only peels

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A woman from Chiang Mai reported a distressing incident where a shipment of durian fruits arrived more than 10 days late and had allegedly been tampered with by parcel delivery employees, who appeared to have consumed some of her fruits.

Nuch, a 50 year old community development foundation officer, explained that she had bought three durians of the renowned Long Laplae variety from Laplae District, Uttaradit Province.

On June 8, she paid 1,050 baht for the durians, priced at 350 baht per kilogrammee. The package was shipped from a parcel delivery shop located in Huadong Subdistrict, Laplae District, Uttaradit, intended for a friend in Samut Prakan.

Nuch continuously checked with her friend to see if the durians had arrived. However, her friend reported that they had not received the package. Over 10 days had gone by without any updates until June 18, when a delivery worker returned the durian package to Nuch’s home.

Upon inspecting the box, she discovered it had been tampered with and contained only durian peels and seeds.

When she contacted the parcel shop about the issue, they informed her they only handled the initial deposit of parcels. Another company was responsible for the delivery. The shop also stated that they would not be liable for any damages incurred during transit.

Despite this, Nuch intends to file a complaint with the police to pursue legal action against the parcel delivery service, reported KhaoSod.

This incident highlights a growing concern among consumers regarding the safety and reliability of parcel delivery services. Many customers expect their packages to be delivered intact and on time, yet incidents like this underscore potential vulnerabilities in the logistics chain.

In a similar occurrence, a customer raised concerns over the quality of durian purchased online, claiming the fruit was mushy and bitter despite being advertised as ready to eat. The total cost, including delivery, was 720 baht. The incident, which occurred yesterday, sparked heated discussions on social media.

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