Online durian purchase sparks consumer outrage over quality

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A customer raised concerns over the quality of durian purchased online, claiming the fruit was mushy and bitter despite being advertised as ready to eat. The total cost, including delivery, was 720 baht. The incident, which occurred yesterday, sparked heated discussions on social media.

The customer shared their experience in an online consumer group, explaining they ordered durian from a vendor in Nonthaburi for 699 baht, with an additional 21 baht for delivery. The delivery took place late at night. The vendor assured the customer that the durian was of good quality, but upon delivery, the customer noticed something was off when the durian was checked at the doorstep.

“The vendor had mentioned that the durian was in perfect condition, but when it was delivered and opened in front of my house, something seemed off.”

The customer referred to footage from the house’s CCTV camera.

After receiving the durian, the customer quickly realised it was mushy and inedible. They immediately contacted the vendor to report the issue, only to be met with denial.

“I reported the condition to the vendor within minutes, but they claimed the durian wasn’t in such a state when they checked it.”

In an attempt to salvage some of the purchase, the customer and two others tried to eat parts of the durian that seemed less affected.

“I ate one piece, my partner had another, and a third person tried a piece, but it was all bitter.”

Despite multiple attempts to notify the vendor, their messages were ignored.

Fruitless complaint

Frustrated, the customer took to the online group to share their ordeal but the initial post was not approved as the group admin wanted to discuss the issue with the vendor first. The following day, the vendor responded but not in the way the customer had hoped. The vendor requested the return of the durian, but by that time, parts of it had already been discarded.

The vendor then refused to offer a refund or replacement, citing that the durian had been partially consumed and discarded.

“The vendor said since some of it was eaten and some discarded, they couldn’t accept a return or offer a refund.”

Despite having photographic evidence of the durian’s condition, the vendor remained unresponsive to further complaints.

The issue was eventually escalated to the group’s admin, who mediated the situation but was unable to secure any responsibility from the vendor, reported KhaoSod.

“The admin of the food group tried to mediate but the vendor refused to take responsibility.”

The admin then approved the customer’s post, allowing them to warn others in the group.

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