Woman arrested for security guard murder and attempted murder of 2 others

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A Thai woman was arrested by police officers this morning for the alleged murder of a security guard and the attempted murder of two others at a dormitory located in the Thanya Buri district of Pathum Thani, situated in the central part of Thailand.

Pratunam Chulalongkorn Police Station was notified about the stabbing incident and swiftly responded to the scene at around 2am today. Upon their arrival, they discovered a dead 40 year old security guard named Ananthachai Sorrakrai lying in front of the eight-story building with a stab wound to his right rib.

The other two victims who were also attacked with a knife had already been taken to the hospital before the police arrived. These victims were identified as 43 year old Charit Boonsanong and 19 year old Monsitthakarn Tueayokprakone.

According to a resident of the dormitory, 37 year old Thaweesak Youngpratam, he heard Ananthachai crying out for help while he was in his room. He immediately contacted the hospital, but unfortunately, Anathachai died before the hospital team could arrive.

A witness reported that the murderer was a 28 year old woman who lived on the eighth floor of the dormitory. According to the witness, the woman took the elevator down and immediately attacked two victims who were waiting for the elevator when the door opened. She then ran to the security guard’s shelter and stabbed Ananthachai before fleeing the scene.

The dormitory’s jurist, 37 year old Saowanee Lasatarn, informed officers that the attacker was a university student who had rented a room at the beginning of this year. She paid her rent every month and never caused any problems before.

According to Saowanee, the woman had filed a complaint with the police prior to the incident, claiming that someone was trying to harm her. When officers arrived to offer assistance, she denied their help and asked them to leave.

Officers later searched the woman’s room and found that the door was unlocked, and all of her belongings were still present. She had also left her phone behind.

The woman was eventually arrested by police near the scene at 6am. She had stabbed herself four times and had hidden the knife by covering it with dried leaves before hiding herself. She was taken to the hospital for treatment, but the police stated that she could not provide any information to them.

Police reported that they plan to contact her relatives and keep a close watch on her to prevent any attempt to escape.

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