Woman severely burnt by fallen high-voltage power line after storm

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A 54 year old woman in Chiang Mai, Thailand, sustained severe burns and had to have her arm amputated after a powerful storm toppled a large tree, which subsequently caused a high-voltage electric cable to fall onto her. The incident occurred on Thursday, June 1, and the victim remains in hospital receiving treatment for her injuries.

During the storm, the woman, Pimchai Woraseloy, sought shelter under a high-voltage power line when she noticed a large, dead tree about to fall. Unfortunately, the tree fell onto the power line, causing the cable to sag and make contact with her body. This resulted in severe burns on various parts of her body, particularly her right arm, and she subsequently needed her arm and some of her toes amputated to save her life.

Her son, Chatchai Worseroi, 27 years old, expressed concern about receiving proper assistance and justice for his mother. He said that so far, no substantial aid has been provided, and he fears the long-term impact on his family, who are struggling financially as it is. Lawyer Chan Manhuay also relayed the family’s concerns that they may not receive fair treatment in relation to the incident, despite having been in contact with local agencies and authorities.

Chiang Mai incident
Image courtesy of Khaosod Online

The hospital treating Pimchai reported that she is in a sterile room due to the extent of her burns. As her condition is monitored, it remains uncertain when the woman will undergo the necessary surgery to save her life. As the family awaits help and faces potential long-term setbacks, they are being assisted by their lawyer and hope for a just outcome in this tragic situation, reports KhaoSod Online.

Recently, the Thai Meteorological Department warned the people living in Thailand that a big thunderstorm is coming to 37 provinces, including Bangkok, causing sudden flooding and accidents. It advised people to be extra cautious and prepared for the dangers caused by heavy rainfall and wind. For more information, click HERE to read.

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