Wild elephant tramples woman to death in front of officials, shooting two magazines fails to stop the attack

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In a devastating incident, a woman was trampled to death by a wild elephant in front of wildlife officials in Wang Chan District, Rayong. Even after firing two magazines of bullets, the authorities could not stop the charging animal, which was extremely fast and caught everyone off-guard.

The tragic event occurred at a palm plantation in the district, where 40 year old Namthip was fatally assaulted by an elephant. Police Major Saisawat Shinawong, an on-duty official at Wang Chan Police Station, was immediately informed of the incident and coordinated with local authorities, medical teams, and rescue workers to rush to the scene. Upon arrival, they found the wild elephant task force already guarding Namthip’s body and watching over the surrounding area to prevent the animal from returning.

Initial investigation revealed that Namthip had sustained multiple injuries throughout her body, including fractured ribs and broken limbs. The victim’s sister recounted the events of the evening when Namthip had ridden a motorcycle to her workplace, mentioning that about three to four elephants had entered the palm plantation. After riding home, she accompanied the wild elephant task force in search of the animals, leading to the tragic encounter that resulted in her death. Namthip’s inability to flee from the charging elephant due to her large stature was considered a contributing factor to the fatal incident, reports Sanook.

According to task force officials, the victim had called for assistance in pushing the elephants out of the plantation. Upon reaching her home, Namthip guided the authorities to the location where the elephants were spotted. While en route, a wild elephant quickly emerged and charged directly at the victim. In an attempt to halt the animal, officials fired multiple rounds but failed to stop the attack. Following the assault, the elephant left the area but is still believed to be in the vicinity as authorities continue to search for it.

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There were four elephants in the group, but the other three did not cross the river to reach the site of the incident. It has yet to be determined which elephant was responsible for the attack on the victim. Rattasat Pliansee, the local security officer, announced a temporary ban for villagers from tapping rubber trees, citing concerns about possible future elephant attacks. Additionally, condolences were expressed to the victim’s family, and initial assistance was provided.

Upon learning of the incident, Rayong Governor Traipop Wongtrairat instructed concerned authorities to ensure the safety of residents in the area and made plans to visit the location today.

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