Water shortages strike two districts in Prachuap Khiri Khan

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Prachuap Khiri Khan is hit by water shortages as two districts plunge into a state of emergency due to an unprecedented drought crisis.

With acute water shortages ravaging communities, authorities issue a desperate plea for aid and conservation efforts.

Acting Deputy Governor Kittiphong Sukhapakul officially declared drought disaster zones in two districts of Prachuap Khiri Khan on Monday. This decisive action targets areas grappling with severe water shortages, sounding the alarm for urgent assistance and conservation measures across the province.

The declaration zones in two districts, encompassing 11 sub-districts and 79 villages. Pranburi District, bearing the brunt of the crisis, is besieged by water scarcity in five sub-districts and 19 villages. Similarly, Thap Sakae District faces a dire situation with six sub-districts and 60 villages now classified as drought disaster zones.

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This declaration sets in motion a coordinated response from governmental agencies, rallying to provide immediate relief to affected residents. Efforts will concentrate on ensuring access to drinking water and compensating for agricultural losses according to Ministry of Finance guidelines.

Urging residents to report water shortages to local authorities, officials aim to streamline aid distribution and resource allocation efficiently. This collective endeavour seeks to alleviate community hardships and stave off further damage as the province grapples with the drought’s wrath.

This grim development follows earlier warnings in February, foretelling a harsh dry season ahead. A significant drop in rainfall during the previous wet season has left the region parched, recording a 50% decline compared to the five-year average. As of February 5, primary reservoirs hold a mere 35% of their total capacity, marking a stark decrease from the previous year’s 60%, reported Hua Hin Today.

With mitigation efforts underway, plans are in motion to ensure equitable water distribution and encourage water-saving practices among citizens, particularly farmers, to avert devastating crop losses.

In related news, farmers in the district of Phimai, Nakhon Ratchasima province, faced a severe drought that has swiftly dried up the Mun River.

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