Viral TikTok video sparks discussion on Thai teacher’s multifaceted roles

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A popular TikTok video posted by a school teacher in Nong Bua Lam Phu went viral for her candid review of her teaching experience. Celebrating one year in office, the science specialist has found herself teaching all subjects, performing administrative duties, painting classrooms, fixing computers, and even doing makeup for students, a reality far from what she initially anticipated.

Rungthiwa Banthao’s TikTok video, where she shares her experiences, has struck a chord with netizens, some of whom found it amusing while others found it distressing. The teacher’s vast array of responsibilities, particularly in a small rural school, has sparked conversations about the pressure faced by educators in such institutions. Many have called for serious intervention from relevant agencies to improve the situation.

The post also prompted several teachers to share similar experiences of juggling multiple roles in their schools. Despite the heavy workload, Rungthiwa maintains a positive attitude, expressing satisfaction in her work, reported KhaoSod.

“Even if I were the principal, I would give 50% of my salary to the teacher.”

Rungthiwa’s positive attitude has won her accolades from netizens.

“This is the real life of Thai teachers, people who can do everything,”

“The person who has the spirit of a true teacher. May your positive attitude lead you to every good society throughout your civil service life as you want.”

Rungthiwa’s TikTok video, posted on October 31, marking her first anniversary as a civil servant teacher, has been viewed and shared widely, sparking discussions on the quality of life of teachers and the need for those in power to consider improving it.

The video ends with a heartfelt message from Rungthiwa…

“Tired, but happy with everything I do. Wholeheartedly and devoted.”

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