Violent clash between Thai and Filipina trans groups rocks Bangkok

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Chaos erupted early this morning outside a hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 11 when a violent confrontation broke out between Thai and Filipina ladyboys. The Thai group assembled in response to an incident today, March 5, where a Thai ladyboy was assaulted and robbed by a group of about 20 Filipina ladyboys. Tensions heightened as the Thai group demanded justice, leading to a heavy police presence from Lumpini Police Station to secure the scene and negotiate a path to peace.

The standoff intensified as the Thai group, numbering in the hundreds, refused to back down, occupying the space in front of the hotel where the Filipina group was staying. The gathering persisted into the early hours, with the Thai group shouting “Thailand!” and “Get out!” as the Filipinas, evidently intimidated, refused to leave the premises. At around 3.30am, police officers, numbering just over ten, arrived to establish a perimeter around the hotel and escort the first two Filipino individuals out amidst the uproar.

Despite pleas from the Royal Thai Police, communicated over loudspeakers, to avoid violence, the situation quickly descended into mayhem as the Thai group began hurling bottles at the emerging Filipinas.

Several members of the Thai group broke through the police line and physically attacked the Filipina group, who were dressed in white hoodies and dark glasses. The police struggled to contain the violence, which culminated in the Thai group dragging the Filipina individuals out in front of the hotel to continue the assault.

Ultimately, police managed to intervene and detain both the assailants and the victims, transporting them to Lumpini Police Station. The exact number of those arrested and the condition of the injured remains unknown, reported KhaoSod.

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Violent clash between Thai and Filipina trans groups rocks Bangkok | News by Thaiger
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