Villagers flock to see fortune-bringing turtle found in northeast Thailand

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A large turtle attracted a crowd of villagers who believe it could be a harbinger of good fortune, after being found in the middle of the road. The spectacle took place today, at 174 House, Moo 9, in Nong Mek Village, Dan Chang Subdistrict, Bua Yai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, which is the home of 61 years old Sant Uthaida.

Some villagers even smeared the turtle’s shell with flour, a traditional practice to reveal lottery numbers, before weighing the turtle, which was about 10 kilogrammes.

The large turtle, found in the middle of the road, instilled a belief among the villagers that it would bring good luck. The length of the creature from head to tail was measured at 18 inches, and the shell was 17 inches wide.

Consequently, villagers used these numbers to try their luck according to their individual beliefs. Some, after smearing the turtle’s shell with flour, claimed to see the distinctive numbers 71 and 65, reported KhaoSod.

Uthaida, the homeowner, stated that he had found the turtle blocking the road while he was returning from the market. He then decided to take the reptile home and keep it in a cage.

As news spread, villagers flocked to see the turtle, smearing flour on its shell to find lottery numbers. They were convinced that this large turtle would certainly bring luck and fortune to Uthaida and the villagers. The closer it got to the lottery draw date, the more villagers came to see the turtle.

The lottery enthusiast community was buzzing with excitement yesterday as images of a rare headless, legless turtle, considered a harbinger of good luck, spread across Thai social media. The photographs were shared by a Facebook user who captivated the audience by claiming that the lucky turtle had arrived to bring fortune. To read more click HERE.

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