Thai woman accuses neighbour of trying to rape her and a bedridden patient

Photo via Channel 8.

A Thai woman sought help from Thai celebrity Guntouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet, after a neighbour allegedly tried to rape her and a bedridden family member.

Gun accompanied the victim, from the Isaan province of Nong Khai, to the Office of the Prime Minister’s Permanent Secretary in Bangkok yesterday, October 25, to file a complaint against her neighbour. Gun revealed that the entire incident had been recorded by a security camera and recounted the story the victim, identified as A, told the media during the interview.

According to Gun, the neighbour offered the victim 10,000 baht for sex on October 15 but the victim refused. The rejection did not stop the man, who later broke into A’s house that day. CCTV footage reveals the potential rapist grabbing A’s underwear and sniffing them.

The man then looked for A but stumbled upon a 67 year old bedridden woman. He tried to rape the woman, causing her to cry out for help, which prompted A to run out of her bedroom to check. After encountering A, the man attempted to rape her.

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A managed to escape his clutches and locked herself in the bathroom. The man pretended to leave the house in a bid to lure A out of hiding and it worked. Regrettably, when A emerged, the suspect was still present and attempted to sexually assault her once more.

The man failed in his rape attempt but he managed sexually grope A’s private parts. Before leaving, the man threatened A with violence if she did not agree to have sex with him.

False rumours

A informed the media that the man enjoyed a good reputation within the community, thanks to his practice of financially helping people in the vicinity. She acknowledged borrowing money from him in the past but reported that she had settled her debts.

Additionally, A disclosed that the man had been spreading baseless rumours about having an intimate relationship with her. Despite the man being married with children, he persistently called her and urged her to live with him in his home. This unfounded accusation of being the man’s mistress had caused embarrassment and shame for A among the residents.

Deputy Prime Minister Somsak Thepsuthin personally received the complaint and assured the victim of bringing the suspect to justice while ensuring her protection. Somsak further stated that the government would offer compensation of up to 20,000 baht to support the victim.

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