UPDATE: Thai woman spends 300k baht on wedding but groom doesn’t turn up


Today, Namthip got stood up by her no-show groom Ek for a second time. Namthip and her lawyer went to Nadi Police Station in Prachinburi this morning to try and get some money back from Ek after he didn’t turn up to his wedding, leaving Namthip’s family to foot the 300,000 baht bill for the wedding arrangements.

Lt. Cl. Prasit rang Ek, who agreed to go to the police station this afternoon to come to an agreement about how he could sort out the mess he made and clear his debt. In classic Ek style, he didn’t turn up.

When Ek didn’t show for a second time, Namthip didn’t delay in filing a lawsuit against him. If the lawsuit is successful, Ek will have to pay even more money.

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President of the Nadi Subdistrict Admininisation Organisation Watcharaphon Siuan said he has been in contact with Ek, who said he couldn’t repay his debts yet because he is still in another province. He said he intends to go back to Prachinburi and repay his debts, but he doesn’t know when yet, because he doesn’t have 300,000 baht.


A Thai bride welcomed all her guests to her wedding on May 1 in Prachinburi province, eastern Thailand, but the groom never turned up. The man claimed to be a soldier, but when he didn’t attend his own wedding, the bride asked the Royal Thai Army to locate him. When the army checked their database, they didn’t find any army personnel under his name. The bride expects he couldn’t afford to pay the dowry requested from her parents.

The bride, a 40 year old factory worker named Namthip, spent 300,000 baht on the wedding in Kabin Buri district. She said she borrowed the money from her family, spent it all on wedding arrangements, and now she needs to pay it back all on her own.

Namthip arranged various Chinese ceremonies and traditions and prepared 50 tables of food and drinks for her wedding guests. She stood and welcomed all the guests, but as the time passed, the groom didn’t turn up to the event. When she tried to contact him, he didn’t pick up. She said that after a while, she realised that he had deceived her.

The man told her his name was Suwannahong, or Ek, and that he was a soldier with the rank of Sergeant Major.

Yesterday, Deputy Spokesman of the Royal Thai Army Cl. Sirichan Ngathong said he checked the army’s database but found no army personnel under his name.

Namthip, with a trembling voice, told Thai media…

“Me and my boyfriend, who claimed to be a Sergeant Major, have been in a relationship since December last year. He also claimed to be a bodyguard for local politicians in Nadi subdistrict. His personality, clothes and speech made me believe he was a real soldier and bodyguard. Therefore, I felt no need to confirm his identity with the army while we were together. He was a good natured man, consistently got along well with my family, and took care of everything in the house.”

Namthip’s parents requested a dowry of 200,000 baht and 3 baht of gold from Ek. Around 7am on the day of the wedding, Ek rang Namthip and argued about the dowry money. After that, the bride couldn’t contact him anymore.

She said that throughout their relationship, she attempted to contact and visit Ek’s relatives in Nakhon Ratchasima province, but Ek would always find an excuse why she couldn’t visit. She said she never once spoke to any of Ek’s relatives.

Four days later, the groom remains uncontactable, and his whereabouts unknown.


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