Fourth Russian woman nabbed for illicit sexual services in Phuket

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A fourth Russian woman has been arrested in Wichit, Phuket for providing illicit sexual services.

The suspect, only identified as 22 year old Marina, a Russian national, was nabbed on Monday, March 18, during a clandestine operation at a local hotel.

According to reports from Wichit Police, as relayed to the Phuket Express, the arrest was prompted by concerned citizens tipping off the authorities about illegal activities involving Russian sex workers in Phuket. Acting on this information, law enforcement set up a sting operation, luring the suspect through an undisclosed online platform.

Falling into the trap, the Russian woman allegedly agreed to provide her services for a fee to an undercover officer. The assignation was set for an undisclosed hotel, where she was promptly apprehended.

Marina now faces a series of charges including prostitution, advertising for prostitution, and working illegally, reported Phuket Express.

With only a 90-day tourist visa, her time in Thailand hangs precariously in the balance, set to expire in May of this year.

Third Russian woman nabbed in Patong for illegal sex services

Phuket Immigration arrested a third Russian woman at a Patong hotel for providing sex services illegally. The operation unfolded following a tip-off about illegal activities involving Russian prostitutes in the area.

The undercover sting operation orchestrated by the police targeted the woman, who had been discreetly advertised on an undisclosed website.

Going by the moniker Linda Agency on WhatsApp, the Russian swiftly fell into communication with an undercover officer. A deal was struck at 13,000 baht for her services, culminating in an appointment at an undisclosed hotel, where she was promptly apprehended.

Subsequently taken to the Patong Police Station, she now faces a barrage of charges including prostitution, solicitation, and working without legal permits, reported Phuket Express.

The Russian woman also faces deportation.

ORIGINAL STORY: 2 Russian women arrested for providing sex services in Phuket

Police arrested two Russian women at a hotel in the Katu district of Phuket on March 4 for illegally providing sex services.

Officers from Patong Police Station investigated the illegal activities being offered by foreigners in the area. Upon discovering that these illicit sex services were being provided by Russian women, the officers proceeded to search for their contact details. Subsequently, they reached out to two Russian women via WhatsApp, posing as potential customers.

Police arranged a meeting with the two Russian women in a hotel room on the third floor of a property located on Phra Metta Road at around 10.30pm on March 4. The Russian workers demanded 13,000 baht each for their sex services and an additional 1,000 baht each for transportation.

Upon arrival, officers instructed the two foreigners to wait in the room and then deployed an undercover officer to pose as a customer. The undercover officer paid 14,000 baht in cash to each of the foreign women. At this point, the hidden officers revealed themselves and proceeded to arrest the women.

The two Russian women were identified as 18 year old Anna Britousova and 23 year old Olga Puchkova. According to the police, the two had already prepared themselves for sex. They stripped down to only their underwear while a box containing three condoms was found on the bed.

The Russian nationals were charged under Section 6 of the Act on Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution: illegally seeking benefit from prostitution. The penalty is imprisonment of up to one month, a fine of up to 1,000 baht, or both.

In a related report, a Thai transwoman recently told PPTV HD that there were many foreign sex workers in the Sukhumvit neighbourhood in Bangkok including Filipinos, Vietnamese and Russians. She claimed there were few Russian and Vietnamese ladyboys compared to the Filipino nationals.

She explained that Filipino and Vietnamese sex workers, like Thai sex workers, waited for customers by the roadside, while most Russian sex workers offered their services in entertainment venues.

The Thai ladyboy was confident that the police knew about the presence of the foreign sex workers but ignored them. She added that it was not fair as the police only arrested and fined Thai sex workers.

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