Lucky gecko’s double tail: The house’s ticket to lottery fortune in Thailand

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

Residents of a house believe a distinctive two-tailed gecko they spotted clinging to a wall in Phayao province, Thailand is a lucky lottery omen. The homeowner, holding a belief in the superstition that geckos are harbingers of good luck, decided to take a chance with the lottery by using the house number.

These particular geckos, remarkably plump and measuring approximately 10-12 centimetres in length, are an uncommon sight and have remained in the same spot since their discovery earlier today.

The two-tailed gecko emerged from the walls of house number 51/1, located in the village of Honghin, Jun district, Phayao province. The peculiar creatures, each with two equally sized tails approximately 1 centimetre apart, have brown bodies and white tails.

The homeowner reported that the gecko appears near the house wall every day without fleeing and seems quite comfortable, reported KhaoSod.

The owner of the house, Wichuda, recounted that around 8pm, while she was watching television, she noticed the large, plump, and remarkably docile two-tailed gecko. They would cling to the wall of the house every day without fleeing, and they would scamper around the same area every day.

Wichuda added that she believes the gecko is a sign of good luck and wealth for her since she has never seen a two-tailed gecko in her house before. As a result, she is using her house number, 511, to purchase government lottery tickets in hopes of improving her luck.

Three weeks ago, as the lottery draw looms, residents converged to seek fortune from an extraordinary eel–like fish stumbled upon by a 53 year old Mukdahan province resident.

With a body of yellowish-white hue and piercing black eyes, this enigmatic creature has proven a charm for its possessor, paving the way for an astonishing four consecutive lottery victories.

Somchai introduced the peculiar fish, about 75 centimetres in length, with a translucent white body revealing a network of veins and sparkling black eyes.

The fish was placed in a bamboo cage for villagers to admire and seek lottery fortunes. To read more click HERE

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