Crash course: Motorcycle rider’s skull meets water pump pipe in west Thailand

Photo: KhaoSod

A 20 year old man suffered a fractured skull after colliding with a water pump pipe in the middle of the road while riding his motorcycle in the early morning hours. The water pump accident took place yesterday. It was revealed that the water pump pipe was installed by the Wang Sala Subdistrict Municipality, in west Thailand.

On the following day, at the Wang Sala Subdistrict Municipality Office in Tha Mueang District, Kanchanaburi Province, Wisut Wonpian, the mayor of Wang Sala Subdistrict, disclosed that the water pump was indeed municipal property. It was installed in response to residents’ complaints about flooding in their homes. The municipality used the water pump to drain water from the affected homes into a public canal.

After the drainage operation was completed in the evening, the officials responsible for the water pump removed the warning sign but did not relocate the pump because it was a public holiday, and the pump was large enough to require a truck for its removal. As a result, the pump remained at the accident spot, leading to the unfortunate accident involving a non-resident, named Phuthanet, who was passing through the area on his motorcycle.

Upon learning of the unfortunate water pump accident, the municipality held an emergency meeting with representatives from Tha Muang District. A disciplinary investigation committee was established to probe the negligence of the municipal officials responsible for overseeing the water pump.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Wang Sala Subdistrict, along with his administration, visited the injured man and his family, who were receiving treatment at the 19th His Majesty the King’s Hospital. They offered initial medical assistance of 25,000 baht, funded personally by the mayor. The municipality would cover any further medical expenses, reported KhaoSod.

The municipality acknowledged that the accident resulted from the negligence of its officials in overseeing the water pump. Measures will be taken to prevent the installation of water pumps in a similar manner to prevent such incidents in the future.

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