Sensational subway stir: Hong Kong commuter’s provocative attire sparks online frenzy (video)

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A video clip featuring a woman in provocative public attire travelling on a Hong Kong subway has sparked online debate. The footage, shared widely across social media platforms, showcases a young woman sporting a revealing outfit consisting of a light blue bra-like top and jeans, attracting much attention from fellow passengers.

The video has since ignited a flurry of online critique, with opinions divided between those who admire the woman’s beauty and those who deem her attire inappropriate for public spaces.

Some users have commented on her attractiveness, inquiring about her identity, while others have criticised her public attire as excessively provocative and ill-suited for public transport.

In a surprising twist, it was revealed that the woman at the centre of the controversy is Yumi.k, a Taiwanese Internet idol who frequently posts photos and videos of herself in similar outfits across her Instagram account.

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She has a history of attracting attention with her bold fashion choices. In fact, during a previous visit to Thailand, Yumi.k had a memorable encounter with an orangutan who grabbed her chest, reported Sanook.

Hou Queenie, a renowned Taiwanese-Japanese language instructor and model, gained attention for her attire during a crowded train ride in Japan. Queenie, widely recognized as the sexiest teacher in Taiwan, opted for an oversized coat that she wore unfastened, revealing a revealing crop top underneath.

Followers questioned the safety and appropriateness of her public attire on a mode of public transport, sparking online debates. Read more HERE.

In Hong Kong, an online community member created a dispute by secretly photographing a woman wearing yoga pants on a subway ride. The woman, who was dressed in a black top and skin-tight grey yoga trousers, was focused on her phone when the photo was snapped and posted on a public forum for public attire criticism. Read more HERE.

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