15-metre Tao Wirupaksa statue consecrated at Wat Nong Tabak

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A grand ceremony was held at Wat Nong Tabak in Rayong Province to consecrate the only 15-metre-tall statue of Tao Wirupaksa in the area. The event took place yesterday at 5pm, drawing monks from various temples in Rayong and a large number of devotees.

The ceremonial ground was adorned with beautifully arranged fruit trays, garlands, and offerings. Devotees lit incense and recited prayers continuously. The 15-metre-tall statue of Tao Wirupaksa stood prominently, with its left hand holding a staff entwined by a serpent and its right hand holding a crystal ball.

The statue’s head was protected by a spread-out serpent, adding to its mystical aura. The ceremony began with the loud sound of firecrackers, followed by the monks’ chanting.

Phra Khru Suraphat Photikhun, the abbot of Wat Nong Tabak, explained the origins of the statue’s creation. Initially, devotees who made merit at the temple reported having visions of a serpent deity residing there. Consultations with a medium revealed that the construction of a Tao Wirupaksa statue was necessary, as Tao Wirupaksa and serpents are inherently connected, reported Sanook.

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The 15-metre-tall Tao Wirupaksa statue is unique within Rayong Province, with no other similar statues found in the area. Thus, Wat Nong Tabak stands out as the sole location in Rayong where such a statue exists. Visitors are encouraged to visit the temple in Ban Khai District, Rayong, to seek blessings from the statue.

In related news, a revered wooden Buddha statue’s head-raising ceremony at Nong Khu Pattana Temple in Surin province has become the talk of the town, as the auspicious numbers divined in the ritual matched the age of the temple’s abbot.

The event drew a large crowd of devotees and lottery enthusiasts eager to witness the traditional ceremony and perhaps gain insight into lucky numbers for the upcoming lottery draw.

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