Unidentified man found dead, neck bound with wire and wrists handcuffed in southern Thailand

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A Thai farmer stumbled upon the dead body of an unidentified man in a roadside forest in the southern province of Chumphon. The man’s neck was bound with an electric wire and his two wrists were handcuffed.

The farmer, 58 year old Sunan, told Channel 3 that he took his cows to the spot every day in the morning and evening to graze. Sunan went to the area as usual yesterday, January 7, and noticed a suspicious object in the forest, about 30 to 40 metres away from the roadside.

Sunan took a closer look and believed he spotted a dead body but wasn’t sure so returned to the village and reported his discovery to a police volunteer, a 46 year old woman named Nongnuch.

Nongnuch and her husband went to examine the object and confirmed to Sunan that it was a corpse. Nongnuch said there were a lot of flies on the object and the unpleasant smell was emanating from the area. She then reported the matter to Mueang Chunphon Police Station.

Officers examined the object and also confirmed that it was the body of a man. The dead man was wearing a black T-shirt and yellow shorts. He had four slash wounds on his face, an electric wire was wrapped around his neck, and his arms were handcuffed.

The body was covered with a navy blue jacket with the name of Prachonklao College of Nursing on the back. The body was wrapped in a blanket and tied up with a robe. The man was believed to be between 30 and 40 years old and died at least four days before the discovery.

The body was transferred to the Chumphon Khet Udonsak Hospital for an autopsy to identify him and contact his family and relatives.

A professor at the Prachonklao College of Nursing, Pakaporn Klinhom, told Amarin TV that the jacket was made for students who enrolled at the college in 2017. Five to six male students enrolled in the college that year.

Pakaporn said she had contacted the parents of each student but had not found any missing students. She hoped that the deceased was not one of her students.

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