Man reunites with Bolivian nanny after 45 years through social media

A heartwarming video captured the attention of social media as a Spanish man reunited with his Bolivian nanny for the first time in 45 years. The man, Juanito Jonsson, originally from Sweden and the youngest of three siblings, sought out his former caretaker, Ana Jimenez, via social media.

Born to missionary parents, Jonsson moved to Bolivia in 1970. There, his family hired a local woman, Jimenez, to care for the young Jonsson. Jimenez, who had tragically lost her son, nurtured Jonsson as her own. The family relocated to Fuengirola, Spain when was six years old Jonsson, but he never forgot his warm childhood memories with Jimenez.

Fuelled by these memories, Jonnson decided to use social media to track down her down. Eventually, he discovered she was still alive, making a living selling sweets in the southern Bolivian city of Yacuiba, near the Argentinian border. Determined to reunite, Jonsson embarked on a journey across the Atlantic, spanning nearly 9,000 kilometres, to meet her again.

This reunion was made possible with the help of Jimenez’s son and the funds raised through a campaign titled Finding Ana. Initially, Jimenez was confused by the unexpected visitor, but upon recognising Jonsson, she immediately embraced him with joy.

The last time they saw each other, Jonsson was a small boy and was 31 years old Jimenez. Therefore, their first meeting after 45 years was an emotional moment. Jimenez was moved to tears seeing the little boy she had cared for had grown up.

During their reunion, visited Jimenez’s home, and they spent time reminiscing. Jonsson brought along childhood photographs which brought tears to Jimenez’s eyes once again. Later, Jonsson took his former nanny to a restaurant, they strolled around the city, and he presented her with the funds raised through the social media campaign.

Although this event took place in 2022, it has recently gone viral online once again, leaving a lasting impression on netizens worldwide, reported Sanook.

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