Unidentified Thai man found dead in possible hit-and-run in central Thailand

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An unidentified Thai man aged between 45 and 50 was found lifeless today on the side of the Saraburi-Lomsak Road in Phatthana Nikhom district, Lopburi province after he was reportedly struck by a large lorry in a potential hit-and-run. According to local rescue personnel, the man, who was heavily intoxicated, had been awakened at a nearby petrol station hours earlier due to safety concerns.

The tragic accident occurred on a dark two-lane road near the petrol station where the man had been earlier spotted. Initial investigation suggested that the man was part of a hit-and-run by a large lorry that subsequently fled the scene.

A blood-stained mudguard found at the hit-and-run site served as evidence, helping in the investigation to identify the culpable vehicle, reported Khaosod.

Earlier at around 4am, an employee of the petrol station had called local rescue services, reporting a man sleeping at the station’s entrance. The staff was concerned as the location was frequented by trucks.

Upon arrival, the rescue team found the man heavily drunk and incoherent. He was awakened and asked to move to a safer location, which he insisted on doing by himself.

Rescue personnel reported that the deceased man then walked from the petrol station along Soi 12. At around 4.45am, another call was received about a fatal accident about 2 kilometres from the petrol station. Upon reaching the hit-and-run scene, they found it was the same man they had earlier assisted.

Given the dark road conditions and frequent truck traffic, it’s believed that a large lorry hit the man and then fled the scene. The identity and address of the deceased man remain unknown.

The police are examining CCTV footage along the route to identify the lorry involved in the incident. Meanwhile, the deceased man’s body was taken to Phatthana Nikhom Hospital for autopsy before making an announcement for relatives to claim the body for funeral rites.

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