Unholy exodus: Monks, novices, and altar boy expelled for unveiling corrupt abbot

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Eight monks, along with novices and an altar boy were expelled from the Saeng Tham Khiri Monastery after they exposed the cloister’s corrupt abbot. As a result, they find themselves homeless, embarking on a directionless journey in Chachoengsao, located in south-central Thailand.

Sympathetic locals residing in the Panom Sarakham district of Chachoengsao implored the Thai media to assist the Buddhist monks, novices, and the altar boy, who have been left without shelter. Observers in the area have witnessed the group of disenfranchised individuals walking along Road Number 304, which leads towards Bangkok.

Responding to the call, ThaiRath reporters swiftly arrived at the scene and encountered the group on the road, laden with their belongings: alms bowls, fans, drinking water, and bags. Reporters engaged the group in conversation about their destination. One of the monks, Noppadon Suchato, admitted that they were uncertain of their next move.

Elaborating on their plight, Noppadon revealed that the corrupt abbot had instigated their expulsion through police intervention. The reason for this drastic action lay in the fact that Noppadon and his companions had exposed the abbot’s misappropriation of a 300,000 baht donation to the monastery.

Noppadon went on to recount how the abbot had absconded with the funds for nearly eight months, only to reappear and reclaim his role as acting abbot. However, the expelled monks refused to accept his authority in light of his dishonesty, prompting them to file an official complaint.

Unfortunately, influential senior monks sided with the corrupt abbot, leading to his successful bid to have the group expelled from the sub-district. Consequently, the abbot enlisted the police to ensure their removal from the temple premises by 10am yesterday, under threat of trespassing charges.

Another monk from the group, Wayusantithammo, expressed his bewilderment.

“I can’t comprehend how I can be trespassing the monastery. I’ve resided here for seven years, yet I’m being cast out merely for raising concerns to the abbot. The police never sought reasons from us, they simply coerced us to leave.”

Stepping in to assist, the reporters facilitated the relocation of the monks to another temple in a different district, providing them with temporary shelter.

The group plans to pursue justice by formally presenting their complaint to esteemed senior monks, seeking a resolution for their unjust treatment.

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