Undercover amulet group busted for illegal firearm sales in Samut Prakan

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Police have successfully dismantled a covert operation where a group of young individuals used a Buddhist amulet trading group as a front to sell illegal firearms. The proceeds were used to purchase kratom juice and cannabis for consumption. A substantial cache of weapons and ammunition was seized during a raid on an apartment in Samut Prakan province yesterday.

Leading the operation, the Divisional Commander of the Special Operation Unit, along with other high-ranking officers, executed a search warrant issued by the Samut Prakan Provincial Court. The search led to the arrest of 21 year old Chalothi Charoen and the discovery of an unregistered sawed-off shotgun, a modified Uzi converted from a blank gun, and various calibres of ammunition totalling over 70 rounds.

Investigations revealed that Chalothi used Facebook pages บังดิสจัดให้ and its backup account to advertise and sell illegal weapons, explosives, and ammunition. He confessed to the police that all the items seized belonged to him and that he had indeed been selling firearms on social media, with several transactions already made to various customers.

Further probing into his activities unveiled his role as an admin of a Line group dedicated to trading Buddhist amulets, which he exploited as a platform for more than 100 members to engage in illicit arms trading. Chalothi acted as a middleman, coordinating the buying and selling of firearms and ammunition among the members. The money earned from these transactions was mainly spent on purchasing kratom juice and cannabis for recreational drug use within his social circle, reported KhaoSod.

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Chalothi now faces charges for possession of firearms without permission for trade, violating Section 24 of the Firearms Act, and possession of firearms without permission from the registrar, under Section 7 of the same act. He is currently under the custody of the investigative officers at Samrong Nua Police Station, Samut Prakan, where legal proceedings are underway.

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