Udon Thani guard breaks up with girlfriend after suspected cheating

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A security guard in Udon Thani locked his room and called the police after suspecting his girlfriend was with another man, only to discover a misunderstanding. The couple decided to part ways following the incident.

Police Lieutenant Wikanes Suetrong, Deputy Inspector of Mueang Udon Thani Police Station, received a report at 7.30am, July 9, of a man being in a room with a woman at a local apartment. The concerned individual, identified as Den, had returned to his room and heard a man’s voice, prompting him to lock the door from the outside to prevent any escape.

The incident took place in a single-storey apartment in Udon Thani Municipality. The police arrived swiftly at the scene accompanied by a 191 patrol unit.

Upon arrival, the police found 42 year old Den, who owned the room, waiting outside. He had locked the door and reinforced it with an electrical wire. When the door was finally unlocked, it was discovered that it had also been locked from the inside.

Den then asked his 35 year old girlfriend, Sa to open the door, claiming he had a stomach ache and needed to use the bathroom. After a 10-minute wait, Sa emerged from the room. Den immediately pulled her out and began searching the room for the supposed man but found no one.

The officers mediated the situation, allowing the couple to discuss their issues calmly. Den insisted he would no longer continue the relationship and asked Sa to pack her belongings and leave. Sa complied with his request.

“Let’s part ways amicably. I still love you, but goodbye.”

Den then helped Sa carry her belongings out of the room.

Sa, visibly confused, maintained that there was no man in the room.

“There was no man’s voice and no one was in the room. The first time he went out to buy food, I took a shower. The second time he went to buy ice, I went to the bathroom. I was in there for less than a minute when I heard a noise and thought he had returned.

“I was surprised at how quickly he came back and even thought it might be a ghost. He started shouting outside the door, and I told him I was using the bathroom, but he didn’t believe me. What could I do when I was in the middle of my business?”

Suspected affair

Den, who works as a security guard at a local shopping centre, recounted his side of the story. He had returned to the room after his morning shift to find his girlfriend waiting for him. After eating together, he realised he had forgotten to buy ice and went out again. Upon his return, he heard a man’s voice inside the room with his girlfriend, reported KhaoSod.

“They were chatting and laughing. I listened for a long time until I was sure she had brought another man into the room. I locked the door and called the police to help resolve the situation peacefully. When we opened the door, there was no other man, but I am certain of what I heard.

“We have been dating for about a week. We met at the shopping centre where she came to shop, and we decided to live together in my room. I have rented this place for three years. After this incident, I can’t continue the relationship.”

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