Suvarnabhumi Airport suspends guards after terminal brawl

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Suvarnabhumi International Airport suspended two security guards following a brawl in front of the terminal, citing unacceptable conduct while in uniform. The incident, which occurred around 2pm yesterday, June 4, was a result of personal disputes between the two employees.

The altercation was captured and shared widely on social media, tarnishing the airport’s image. Suvarnabhumi Airport management confirmed that the two involved were part of their security team. Their actions, deemed unacceptable, were a clear violation of the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AoT) regulations, which strictly prohibit such behaviour, especially during official duties.

Detailed investigations revealed that the fight stemmed from personal issues. In response, the management immediately suspended both employees and formed a disciplinary committee to further probe the incident and determine appropriate penalties as per AoT’s regulations.

Suvarnabhumi Airport issued an apology for the incident, emphasising their commitment to maintaining strict discipline among employees. The airport assured that any violation of conduct would be met with severe consequences, with the maximum penalty being the termination of employment.

“We deeply regret the incident and assure the public that we hold our employees to the highest standards of conduct.”

The airport management reiterated their zero-tolerance policy towards any form of misconduct, especially actions that occur while in uniform and on duty. They stated that maintaining a professional and disciplined workforce is crucial for the safety and reputation of the airport.

Witnesses who recorded and shared the brawl on social media described the scene as chaotic and unbecoming of security personnel. The viral footage quickly drew public attention and criticism, prompting swift action from the airport authorities,

“The behaviour displayed by the security guards does not reflect the values and standards we uphold.”

The disciplinary committee is expected to conclude its investigation soon, and the findings will determine the final disciplinary actions against the two security guards, reported KhaoSod.

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