Vanishing act: Teenager’s mysterious disappearance drives desperate family to fortune teller

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A teenager has been missing from her home for five days, leading her distraught mother and grandfather to seek help from a fortune teller. The 16 year old disappeared from her home in the Huana Khum district in Udon Thani province, on the morning of Friday, September 8, and has yet to return.

Nong Kaem’s mother, Saengchan Uansangkram, along with her 71 year old father-in-law in law, reported the disappearance to the local police station in Chaiwan. They stated that a friend named Kung had come to pick up Nong Kaem, who then boarded an orange school bus and had not been seen since. Despite numerous attempts to call Nong Kaem’s phone, there has been no answer.

Saengchan, in her desperate search for her daughter, reported the case to the local police stations in Sri That and Kumphawapi. With no leads, she sought the help of a local fortune teller on September 13. The fortune teller suggested that Nong Kaem might be in the northern area of their residence, in the Chaiyawan district, and was still alive, reported KhaoSod.

Saengchan and her father-in-law then embarked on a journey to Chaiwan, questioning locals along the way. They were advised by residents to also report to the police. Consequently, they reached out to the Chaiwan Police Station, requesting a public announcement on social media to aid in the search for Nong Kaem.

Saengchan expressed her fear that her daughter might have been lured into illicit activities or attracted to a restaurant or call centre job in a neighbouring country. Tearfully, Saengchan pleaded…

“I am unaware of my daughter’s current situation. Nong Kaem, if you hear your mother’s voice, please come home quickly. Your mother and grandfather are very worried.”

A week ago, a local fortune-teller prophecised that a missing 68 year old Thai man, who mysteriously disappeared from his home in Buriram, northeast Thailand, was underwater. To read more click HERE.

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