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Thai man’s mysterious disappearance makes waves: Fortune-teller’s underwater prediction sparks search

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A local fortune-teller prophecised that a missing 68 year old Thai man, who mysteriously disappeared from his home in Buriram, northeast Thailand, was underwater. The local fortune-teller’s claims prompted villagers and rescue teams to search both underwater and on land.

Incredibly, two days after he went missing, the man returned home unharmed, revealing that he had been sitting and sleeping under a Neem tree by a pond. He was aware people were searching for him but couldn’t alert anyone he was OK. He added it was raining when he went missing but said he did not get wet.

The unusual event took place in the village of Salaosong in Buriram. According to Siam Ruam Jai Pu In United Rescue Team leader, Vorabodin Rungrojchaikul, the 68 year old Thai man, Thongmuon Prommin, mysteriously disappeared from his home on Monday, September 4.

His 58 year old wife, Ratree Prommin, was certain that her husband had drowned in the village pond as the fortune-teller had predicted. However, upon inspection, no evidence, such as a cane or shoes, was found to support this claim. Despite this, to ease the villagers’ minds, a search was carried out for over two hours, but no body was found.

Two days later, Ratree notified the Siam Ruam Jai Pu In United Rescue Team that her husband had returned home safely. Upon investigation, it was found that Thongmuon had been sitting under a Neem tree near the pond where villagers had been searching. Despite hundreds of people looking for him, no one saw him there, reported Sanook.

Ratree explained that her husband, who suffers from a chronic disease and uses a cane, never usually leaves the house. However, on September 4, he decided to go out and subsequently disappeared.

Thongmuon recounted that two days before he left his house, he dreamt of his late father. He then wandered off without knowing where he was going and ended up sitting under a Neem tree near the pond. He didn’t feel hungry or the need to bathe.

He was aware of the rain but didn’t get wet. He heard people calling out for him but couldn’t see them, nor could he respond. He was puzzled as to why he didn’t get wet when it rained.

He slept normally at night, not feeling cold or hot. When he regained consciousness, he walked back home, only then realising he had been missing for two days. He believes that a spirit had possession of him during this time, but the reason remains unknown.

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