Udon Thani family terrorised nightly by local youth’s attacks

Photo courtesy of GoOpgiip Kanokwan Geawjit (Facebook)

A family in Udon Thani is living in fear after their home has been persistently targeted by a local youth. The family’s residence in Nong Han district has been under siege, with objects ranging from rocks and beer bottles to dumbbells and even ping pong bombs being hurled into their property by a teenager.

The situation has escalated to the point where the mother has been threatened with death, and the family is now reluctant to even step outside their home.

Kanokwan Geawjit, the homeowner, took to Facebook to plead for media assistance, detailing the distressing events that have unfolded. Despite numerous complaints to the police, the authorities have yet to resolve the ongoing harassment.

The family’s ordeal typically occurs between 1am and 3am, when they are startled awake by loud noises caused by the objects thrown at their home. This has become a nightly terror for them, with the psychological impact deepening with each incident, reported KhaoSod.

The harassment has not only caused physical damage to the property but has inflicted severe emotional distress on the family. The mother, in particular, has faced continuous threats, and Kanokwan herself has been chased by a car while driving.

The family’s sense of security has been shattered, leaving them to question how much longer they must endure this torment and whether the aggressor, whom they refer to as a little angel due to previous incidents, can safely coexist with society given his behaviour, especially if his mental health is a contributing factor.

The family’s desperation for a resolution has been met with a lack of effective intervention. The perpetrator had previously been taken into care for treatment but has since returned to the same destructive behaviour. This pattern of harassment and intimidation has led the family to feel abandoned by the system, and their public outcry serves as a stark reminder of the struggles faced by victims of unaddressed domestic disturbances.

In a concerning trend, juvenile delinquency is on the rise in Thailand, with incidents such as a brutal murder committed by teenagers in Sa Kaeo. A Grade 8 student was fatally stabbed by a classmate, adding to the distressing statistics. Additionally, a mass shooting occurred in Siam Paragon by a 14 year old boy, prompting the national police chief to advocate for more stringent juvenile laws.

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