Car accident: Two killed in high-speed collision at Sakon Nakhon temple

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A tragic car accident took place, resulting in two fatalities, including a mother who held her ten month old son firmly in her arms until her last breath. The incident, which left many heartbroken, occurred at Phra Phutthabat Namthip Temple, Phu Phan district, Sakon Nakhon province.

A Facebook page, named Wat Phra Phutthabat Namthip, Phu Phan, and n Nakhon, posted images of the collision, urgently sharing the news to reach the victims’ relatives. The fatal car accident unfolded yesterday, around 5.07pm, in front of the temple. Two cars were involved in the crash, both exceeding speed limits. One vehicle was heading from Sakon Nakhon, and the other from Kalasin collided on the uphill road leading to the temple.

The unfortunate car accident involved two pickup trucks, with both drivers losing their lives. In one truck, a woman perished, clutching her infant son in her arms. Temple workers rushed the baby to Phu Phan Hospital. In the other vehicle, a male driver died at the scene. The online post sharing this car accident amassed numerous shares, stirring a wave of sorrow for the tragic event.

When queried, the temple’s Facebook page revealed that at the time of the car accident, monks heard a loud crash resembling a car collision and rushed out to help. The scene was on the hill in front of the temple. Monks immediately called the authorities.

Upon closer inspection, they found a male driver of a white Isuzu D-Max pickup truck, registered under the number 5223 from Phichit, unconscious and later confirmed dead at the scene. The deceased was later identified as 66 years old Somjit.

Simultaneously, another monk, Yutth, approached the other vehicle, a white four-door Isuzu D-Max pickup truck with the registration number 7130 from Chumphon. There, a 40 years old woman, was sitting on the passenger side, gasping for breath, cradling her ten month old son in her arms.

Monk rescues child

The monk offered to help remove the child from the car, to which she agreed, and soon after, she passed away. The injured included the driver of the four-door white pickup, a 50 year old man, who was trapped in the car. Emergency services managed to extract him and transport him to the hospital.

Initial causes suggest that before the lethal car accident, monks and relatives were cleaning the temple near the road and heard the sound of speeding cars.

Both pickup trucks were involved, with one heading from Sakon Nakhon towards Kalasin, likely attempting a dangerous overtake resulting in a collision with the oncoming four-door pickup from Kalasin.

The driver of the single-cab pickup was killed instantly, while the four-door pickup resulted in injuries to the driver and a ten month old boy and the death of the mother. At the same time, another sedan was damaged, and one person was injured and taken to the hospital.

This incident resulted in three injuries and two deaths. Police officials will further investigate the scene and conduct a detailed inquiry to determine the cause of this car accident, reported Sanook.

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