Transwoman complains after being banned by Bangkok bar

A Thai transwoman highlighted gender inequality on social media after she was banned from entering a Bangkok nightclub by a security guard for wearing a sexy costume.

The transwoman posted a video of the moment she had a row with a security guard at a nightclub in the Rama 9 area of Bangkok on TikTok. In the video, she said…

“I’m a transwoman. I can’t get in, right? I have money. Stop looking down on my gender. I’m also a human like you. Born the same and die the same!”

The security guard told her that she had to book a table in advance before entering. She insisted that she already booked the table and came with friends. Then, the guard pointed to her costume and said…

“This is the rule of the nightclub. If you don’t reserve a table or dress properly you can’t get in. You can’t get in because you don’t dress properly. You don’t wear a bra.”

The transwoman said she and her female friend wore similar dresses. They both did not wear bras but used nipple covers. Her friend could enter but she could not.

The transwoman asked the guard why her friend could get in and she couldn’t. The guard said…

“Look, she is a woman. You are a transwoman, and our bar has a strict rule against transwomen’s costumes.”

The transwoman later deleted her video. Thai TikTokers commented on the video requesting more details about her costume and confirmation that she had reserved the table in advance.

Some people said that their transgender friends have trouble entering nightclubs in Bangkok and Pattaya because of their gender while some other transgenders commenting on the post said they had no problems.

Netizens urged the transwoman TikToker and the nightclub to clarify the incident because the gender inequality issue should be solved.

This gender issue is sure to rumble on.

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Petch Petpailin

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