A sexy Thai model exposed as an identity thief and transwomen

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A sexy Thai model became notorious almost overnight after becoming an identity thief. The model stole the identification card (ID card) of a former college friend for work, causing all sorts of problems for the innocent woman who was subjected to several police summonses.

But there’s more! The identity theft revealed that the model is actually a transwoman, shocking her fans and followers nationwide.

Kanokyada “Qa-nan” Jitampon is a well-known sexy model on Thai social media. The 26 year old’s profile soared after she put up for sale an old iPhone 12 Pro Max complete with her sexy pictures and videos. A bidding war ensued and one fan offered over 400,000 baht for the phone.

Most of her fans believed that she was a real woman. Likewise, agencies that hired her to promote their products had the same understanding because she had a woman’s ID card proving her identity. The picture on the ID card doesn’t look like her but it is generally accepted that people change over time and cosmetic surgery could also change an appearance. So, no one was aware of this. How Qa-nan’s modelling career will progress after this is unknown.

Qa-nan’s secret was revealed when the actual owner of the ID card, 24-year-old Kanokyada (surname reserved) or Joy, came forward after threats of police prosecution.

Joy received several police summonses for illegal acts she had not committed. Police asked Joy to explain her illegal promotion of online gambling and alcohol. She was also informed by the Revenue Department that she had a huge tax bill.

Joy tried to reach out to Qa-nan to clear up the issue, but the model blocked her contact on every channel. Joy then asked the non-profit organisation, Saimai Survive, if they could intervene because she was at her wit’s end.

The former name of Qa-nan was Nanyapon Boonmee. Joy met Nanyapon when she was a teenage boy studying at the university. Joy remembered Nanyapon took a picture of her ID card when they were at university but at the time Joy did not think there was anything untoward about it until Nanyapon contacted Joy again in 2015 to ask for her ID card. This time, Joy refused to give it to her former student friend.

Five years later, Joy was summoned by police over an online gambling advertisement. She managed to prove to the police that she was not involved and that it was someone else.

The problems kept on reemerging and that is when Joy asked Saimai Survive to help her file a complaint at Saimai Police Station.

Channel 3 managed to secure an interview with Kanokyada about the identity theft.

The trans model acknowledged the theft. She justified taking Joy’s name and ID card because a fortune teller told her that she would be lucky and successful with that name.

Kanokyada added that she legally changed her name from Nanyapon to Kanokyada and changed her surname to Jitampon, which was not exactly the same as Joy’s surname.

Kanokyada reckons a misspelling on her tax documents might be the reason for all of Joy’s troubles. Kanokyada held out an olive branch to Joy, admitted her wrongdoing, and promised that she would support her former college friend if there are any more problems in the future.

Joy welcomed her words and decided to drop the charges.

There are several charges of fraud in Thailand ranging from fines of 40,000 baht to 60,000 baht and up to three years in prison.

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