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Thai police admit extorting money from Taiwanese actress

The compulsive melodrama continues between a Taiwanese actress and the “bastard police” who allegedly extorted 27,000 baht. In the latest episode of the compelling drama, it turns out the Royal Thai Police (RTP), are in fact lying.

Late last week the RTP denied extorting money from An Yu-Qing ( 安于晴), also known as Charlene An, after she claimed that she was extorted out of 27,000 baht by the police after being stopped at a police checkpoint.

The latest report from Matichon confirms that a police officer lied, as stated by a Taiwanese actress. Commissioner Nithi Saengsawang of the Metropolitan Police Bureau announced that one of the six officers involved admitted to soliciting money from the actress.

The officer in question is the squad leader of the Huay Kwang Police Station. Further updates are expected to be released today.


Revenue Department warns of tax filing scams

The Thai government has taken steps to protect the public from potential scams during tax filing season. They warn that, during this time, scammers posing as Revenue Department officials may attempt to obtain sensitive personal information from taxpayers.

Tax season in Thailand runs from January 1 to March 31 and the government is urging people to be extra cautious during this time as scam calls are increasing and more likely to be believed.

The government spokesperson advised the public that anyone who has received a notification letter can call the Revenue Department directly. They said to use the phone number provided in the letter, but a safer option would be to call the department’s hotline at 1161 for further information. This is to help prevent scammers from taking advantage of unsuspecting taxpayers.

———————————— to quit Thailand, and Indonesia

China’s largest online retailer is to quit Thailand, and Indonesia next month, a big blow to its overseas expansion plans. The move follows the trend of Big Tech firms cutting costs as the domestic Internet market slows down.

JD Central in Thailand will shut down on March 3 and stop accepting orders on February 15. This confirms earlier reports that the Chinese e-commerce giant is withdrawing from the markets to prioritise growth at home after years of Southeast Asian expansion.


Human bones found in rural area of Bangkok

Police are baffled by the mysterious discovery of human bones along Kanchanaphisek Ring Road in a rural area of Bangkok. The bones were just found in the agricultural Khan Na Yao district of the capital city, but it is suspected that they may have been resting there for nearly a year.

The mystery bones were found by the Ruam Katanyu rescue foundation cleaning the land in the central reservation near Wonderland Park. The land lies between the local road and the main road.

The discovery was made by local officials who were tidying up the area near a footbridge. The bones were found lying in the undergrowth by the bridge. Very little information could be established right away, and police have released no further details as to the possible gender, age, or identity of the remains.