Remorseful husband says wife can burn ‘penis’ with ‘hot iron’ if she catches him gambling again


A remorseful husband said his wife could burn his “penis” with a “hot iron” if she catches him gambling again.

The wife of the apologetic hubby, from the central province of Samut Prakarn, shared pictures and a video of her husband tied up on social media to shame him for his online gambling addiction.

Local news page Khon Khao Ton Prakarn shared the video and pictures yesterday.

The woman asked the page’s admin, and netizens, to be witnesses to her punishment because her husband promised in the video that he would never take part in any gambling activity again.

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A picture shows a topless man lying on the floor. His hands are pulled over his head and tied, as are his legs.

In the video, the man promises his wife he’ll quit gambling. He said…

“I will never join online gambling. If I fail to do so, you can place a hot iron on my penis.”

The woman also cut his pocket money as a punishment. His daily allowance is now 150 baht (US5) per day as a punishment.

The man was interviewed by Khaosod earlier today. He said he received 200 baht per day to buy food and drinks at work. He used some of the money to gamble on his mobile phone.

He said his wife hated gambling and was furious when she found out about his secret. She tied his hands and legs to force him to promise to stop it and prevent him from avoiding a discussion about his addiction.

The man said he admitted his wrongdoing. He did not fight back and let her do what she wanted. I was scared that she would divorce me. I apologised to her and accepted the condition that my daily pocket money would be decreased to 150 baht per day.

The man admitted he is scared that his pocket money would be reduced to 100 baht.

In Thailand, all forms of gambling are banned except for the government lottery. In December last year, the Cyber Police raided 13 online gambling houses in Bangkok and Chiang Rai and found they offered football betting, slot machines, card games, and sports betting. The government is considering bills to legalise casinos and gambling in Thailand.

A gambling committee has been formed to study the issue, as it is a controversial topic. The legality of casinos in Thailand is still being discussed, with some Thai citizens believing it will bring more income to the country, while others believe it will worsen household debt problems.

Man tied by wife after joining online gambling
Photo via Facebook/ ฅนข่าว ต้นปราการ

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