Tragic twist: Pickup driver kills motorcyclist fleeing alcohol test in Bangkok

Photo via อาสาสมัครมูลนิธิร่วมกตัญญูจุด สน ประชาสำราญ สน สุวินทวงศ์

A Thai pickup driver ran over and killed a motorcycle rider on Chalong Krung Road in the Lat Krabang district of Bangkok. The driver reportedly made a quick escape from an alcohol test at a police checkpoint, resulting in the fatal accident.

Lam Pakchee Police Station officers and rescuers were notified about the fatal accident on the Chalong Krung Road bridge at about 11pm on Wednesday, August 23. Officers encountered the shocking sight of a 34 year old man named Worrawit Songrod, lying dead on the bridge with fatal wounds.

Nearby the lifeless body was a damaged motorcycle, a white-dark blue Honda Click, bearing the registration number งฉย-593. Another registration plate, 5 กส8513, was found at the scene, providing a clue to the identity of the pickup driver responsible for the incident.

From further investigation, the deceased worked as a delivery driver for the Foodland Supermarket Company located near the scene. He was riding his motorcycle back home when the accident occurred.

An on-duty officer near a police checkpoint witnessed the accident. The officer revealed that he spotted a white Toyota Hilux Revo crossing the bridge and approaching the checkpoint. However, the pickup was parked and then reversed direction before disappearing.

Police believe that the pickup hit the motorcycle and ran over the rider when moving back. Police suggested that the driver drank alcohol before taking the wheel and was scared of facing a legal charge at the checkpoint so reversed in an attempt to escape the test and possible arrest.

The 42 year old pickup driver, Pichai Jiangwilawan, yesterday surrendered to police. His pickup bore traces of an accident. The back of the pickup was dented and the back window was broken. Pichai admitted to the collision with the motorcycle but denied the allegations of evading an alcohol test.

Pichai claimed that he drove past the alley where his house was located and reversed into the alley. He realised that he hit and killed the motorcycle rider but, overwhelmed with fear, he fled the scene. He insisted that the accident was his recklessness, not intoxication.

Officers did not disclose the charges issued against Pichai but revealed that they would ensure he takes an alcohol and drug test.

Pichai faces a charge for driving recklessly leading to the death of another person. He will face a punishment of up to three years in jail, a fine of 200,000 baht, or both according to Section 291 of the Criminal Law.

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