Tragic paws: Pit bull restraint effort ends in pawful outcome for Chon Buri locals

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Chon Buri province residents’ attempt to stop a violent pit bull from attacking people by tying its mouth and legs resulted in its death. The distressing incident occurred when the pit bull, belonging to a family in the community, was left at home with a boy.

On that fateful day, the unleashed pit bull lunged at a woman walking along the street, but she managed to find refuge in a nearby convenience store. A vendor who witnessed the incident also sought shelter in the store, only for the dog to fixate its aggression on a 72 year old man named Wisit, who was strolling down the same street.

With no escape route in sight, Wisit became the target of the relentless pit bull, which viciously attacked him until he collapsed on the pavement. Promptly, concerned locals rushed to assist the victim and succeeded in subduing the ferocious dog, securing its mouth and legs to prevent further harm.

Upon examination, Wisit’s body was found to be covered in bite wounds, and he had sustained a deep injury near his right eyebrow. He received immediate first aid from a rescue team before being transported to the hospital for further medical attention and assessment.

Tragically, despite the efforts to restrain the pit bull, it succumbed to its fate, with reports suggesting that the dog had difficulty breathing and suffered a heart attack during the ordeal.

Disturbingly, a similar incident occurred previously with another man named Wisit, in 2021, when his pet pit bull attacked him at his residence in Chon Buri. The 56 year old man sustained severe injuries and tragically passed away at the hospital.

As the community mourns the latest victim, no information has been provided regarding whether any legal action or compensation claims will be pursued against the pit bull’s owner.

Such distressing stories involving pit bulls have been making headlines with alarming frequency. In recent times, a pet pit bull managed to sneak into the room of a bedridden patient and fatally mauled the person. Likewise, in February, a Thai man lost his life while heroically trying to protect his mother from a pit bull attack.

Experts have stepped in to offer recommendations for pit bull owners to minimize potential risks. They suggest avoiding leaving these dogs unattended at home for prolonged periods, as increased stress and destructive behaviour may ensue. Furthermore, caution is advised when leaving children alone with the animal, as the dog’s response to their cries and noises can be unpredictable and dangerous.

To ensure the safety of the community, owners of pet pit bulls are encouraged to display warning signs around their homes, alerting others to be cautious when passing by. Additionally, exposing the dog to various people and environments from a young age can help them become more familiar and sociable with neighbours and others they encounter.

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