Family hospitalised after eating toxic mushrooms in Kabin Buri

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An 80 year old woman gathered mushrooms from beneath a bamboo grove and placed them in front of her house, unaware that her granddaughter would later use them for cooking. Fifteen minutes after eating, five family members experienced severe vomiting and chest tightness, prompting a rush to the hospital.

The incident occurred yesterday, June 25, when the family consumed the mushrooms, leading to immediate and severe reactions. The family members, who were taken to Kabin Buri Hospital, included three women named Jamnong, Eiad, and Wilaiporn, along with two others who were admitted to a different building within the hospital. All five individuals were related and had together eaten the mushroom soup made from the gathered mushrooms, said Jamnong.

“After eating the mushroom soup, we started feeling chest tightness, throat blockage, difficulty breathing, and severe vomiting continuously.”

Today, doctors reported that all five patients are showing signs of improvement but will remain under observation at the hospital for another one to two days to ensure full recovery. The medical staff at Kabin Buri Hospital are closely monitoring their condition and providing necessary treatment.

Jamnong explained that after preparing the mushroom soup, she called her four relatives to join her in eating the meal. Shortly after, they all began experiencing severe symptoms, prompting immediate medical attention. It was only later that they realised they had consumed toxic mushrooms.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that Khian Hom-on, the 80 year old woman who collected the mushrooms, had picked them from under a bamboo grove beside her house on the afternoon of June 25. Khian noted that the mushrooms resembled oyster mushrooms, as they had blossomed and showed signs of insect bites, reported KhaoSod.

Believing they were edible, she gathered a handful and intended to ask her daughter-in-law, who is experienced in mushroom foraging, for confirmation. However, her daughter-in-law was not home at the time, Khian said.

“When I went back outside, I didn’t know who took the mushrooms. I later found out that my granddaughter had used them for cooking, leading to the mushroom poisoning incident.”

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