Tragic love triangle ends in fatal shooting: Jealous Thai woman admits accidental killing of boyfriend in Bangkok

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A jealous Thai woman fatally shot her boyfriend at a condominium in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok. Initially denying the murder, the woman later confessed that the shooting was an unintended consequence of a heated argument.

Officers from the Bang Kluay Police Station swiftly launched an investigation into the untimely death of Suppasin Sisook. The lifeless body of the 30 year old Thai man was discovered on the seventh-floor balcony of their residence on Bang Kluay-Jong Tanon Road. He was found seated, holding a 9mm pistol in his right hand, with a gunshot wound near his right eyebrow.

The girlfriend of the deceased, 27 year old Janejira Khuenkaew, shared a tumultuous living arrangement with Suppasin in the same condominium. She maintained that the fatal shooting was an accident that occurred during a struggle over the gun. Janejira revealed that their relationship of eight to nine months had been strained due to Suppasin’s constant communication with his ex-girlfriend, who called him daily.

According to Janejira’s account, she decided to end the relationship, provoking Suppasin’s anger and subsequent threat with the gun. In an attempt to protect herself, she claimed that she tried to wrestle the firearm from his grasp. Tragically, during the struggle, the gun unexpectedly went off, resulting in Suppasin’s fatal injury. Desperate for help, Janejira rushed to seek assistance from neighbours, but her efforts were in vain as her boyfriend’s life could not be saved.

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However, Suppasin’s mother doubted Janejira’s version of events. The family informed the police that Suppasin had recently spoken to his mother, informing her of his plans to go out for dinner before the incident occurred.

Following an extensive overnight interrogation, Janejira finally confessed to the crime today. Superintendent Kittisak Pongthanarak of Bang Kluay Police Station revealed that Janejira had taken possession of the gun and retreated to a separate room. While Suppasin was on the balcony, smoking, Janejira, in a state of distress, pointed the gun towards him, inadvertently firing a fatal shot through the window.

Janejira maintained that she was unaware the gun was loaded and had only intended to intimidate her boyfriend, pulling the trigger by mistake.

Despite her insistence that the killing was unintentional, Janejira has been charged with intentional murder. If convicted, she faces severe penalties, including the death penalty, life imprisonment, or imprisonment ranging from 15 to 20 years, in accordance with Section 288 of the Criminal Law.

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