Jealous husband shoots wife dead in front of child after catching secret chats

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A jealous husband killed his wife in front of their 7 year old son after discovering she was chatting to other men on her phone. The incident, which occurred in Chon Buri province, saw the man fire two shots at his 30 year old wife before surrendering to the police.

The crime scene, a two-storey townhouse, revealed the body of the 30 year old woman, identified as Bee, lying face down in the kitchen with two gunshot wounds to her left neck. A single 9mm bullet casing and a bullet head were found near the body, along with the victim’s mobile phone. The husband, 30 year old Manit, did not flee the scene, instead, he waited for the police and handed over the 9mm short-barrelled gun he used to commit the crime.

During initial questioning, Manit confessed to shooting his wife, revealing that the couple had been together for more than ten years, and had two sons aged 10 and 7. The pair had been experiencing issues in their relationship, particularly whilst Manit was working abroad in Greenland. He said that he had noticed his wife engaging in live chats with other men, which led to further disputes upon his return to Thailand.

Manit revealed that on the day of the incident, his younger son had asked his mother to switch on the Internet but was scolded to have dinner first. At that moment, Manit noticed his wife engaged in a chat with someone and demanded to see her phone. She refused, running into the bathroom and locking the door. The husband broke down the door and discovered his wife attempting to hide in the ceiling but accidentally fell onto the floor. When he picked up and examined her phone, he found messages from his wife’s conversations with another man.

Manit told the authorities that he had tried to speak with his wife, but she attempted to escape, prompting him to shoot her twice, causing her death. The couple’s 7 year old son was present during the tragic incident and their 10 year old son arrived home later, also witnessing the aftermath of the crime.

The police have taken Manit into custody for further questioning and will proceed with legal action in accordance with the law.

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