• Thailand

    Dog owner winning first ever lawsuit against a veterinary hospital in Thailand

    The owner of a labrador named ‘Journey’ who died on the operating table filed Thailand’s first-ever lawsuit against a veterinary hospital and is winning. Journey’s owner, who is claiming financial and emotional damages, has won the first of three court hearings. 11 year old Journey was suspected to have a tumour in her lung and walked into the operating room…

  • Phuket

    Phuket church group come to the rescue of suffering soi dog

    Members of the Zion of God Church in Phuket came to the rescue of a suffering street dog last Saturday after finding the poor pooch outside the church in Talad Nuea with maggot-infest head wounds. The group contacted Soi Dog Foundation for help who confirmed they would dispatch their animal rescue officers to collect the dog the following day. Fearing…

  • Crime

    Veterinarian arrested for giving beauty treatments

    Dogs with breast augmentation? Cats with face lifts? After customers reported some suspicious behaviour, a veterinarian in Sisaket province, in northeastern Thailand, has been arrested for giving cosmetic beauty treatments at a veterinary clinic in Phitsanulok, Central Thailand. The veterinarian, known as B, was allegedly giving botox and filler injections to customers despite not being licensed to do so. The…