Tourists increase spending in Thailand despite soaring airfares

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Despite higher airfares, foreign tourists are indulging in opulent accommodation choices, sending spending figures soaring, according to a recent Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) survey.

The TAT’s survey, which engaged 30,054 tourists last year, unveiled a significant uptick in expenditure per trip, hitting an average of 50,900 baht. A substantial portion of this sum, averaging 23,518 baht per trip, was allocated to accommodation costs, underscoring a preference for lavish stays.

But it’s not just plush hotel suites that are capturing tourists’ attention. The survey pointed to a shift in dining preferences, with more visitors opting for the vibrant flavours of street food, a trend that has seen a remarkable rise from 63% to 77.3%. Consequently, the average spending on food and beverage has dipped to 4,094 baht from 5,875 baht in 2019.

Furthermore, café hopping has emerged as a burgeoning trend, adding a new dimension to tourist experiences. Analysis of spending patterns across nationalities revealed tourists from the Middle East leading the pack in expenditure, trailed closely by visitors from Oceania, the US, and Europe, reported Pattaya Mail.

The survey also shed light on the evolving landscape of travel bookings, with a whopping 53.7% of individual travellers resorting to online platforms for trip arrangements. Despite this digital shift, travel agents and tour operators retain a significant foothold in the industry.

In related news, the visa exemption agreement between Thailand and China has sparked a significant rise in bookings from Thai travellers. During the Songkran holiday through May, airlines and tour operators noted an uptick in Thai passengers on some routes outnumbering their Chinese counterparts.

In other news, Thailand’s Industry Ministry is spearheading a digital revolution aimed at boosting revenue for the nation’s wellness and medical business entrepreneurs. With the ambitious target of surpassing 30 million baht in revenue, this initiative promises to reshape the landscape of Thailand’s tourism and economy.

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