Tired thief caught red-handed: Motorcycle stolen in Songkhla

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A thief was apprehended in Songkhla after stealing a sidecar motorcycle, claiming he was too exhausted from walking and saw the vehicle with the key left in the ignition. Police issued a warning to owners about leaving keys in vehicles to prevent such incidents.

Today, captured CCTV footage reveals the theft of a Honda sidecar motorcycle in Songkhla on the Airport-Lopburi Ramesuan Road on May 16. The thief drove away on the same road, heading outbound to Hat Yai.

The Hat Yai police’s vehicle theft suppression unit announced the capture of the suspect and the successful recovery of the stolen motorcycle. However, the sidecar had been removed.

The suspect was identified as 46 year old Kritsada Sakrawi, a Songkhla native. The motorcycle was discovered parked in front of a construction materials company in Hat Yai.

A tip-off from a concerned citizen led to the arrest. The individual had noticed a suspicious person and the stolen motorcycle, similar to one reported missing online, parked in front of said construction materials store.

When officers investigated, they learned from the store that the vehicle belonged to Kritsada, who had been working there for only two days and was out on a delivery.

Officers waited for his return and arrested him. During the interrogation, Kritsada confessed to the theft, stating he had no vehicle and was exhausted from walking, with his feet blistered.

On the day of the incident, he saw the motorcycle with the key left in the ignition and decided to steal it. He drove to a friend’s place where they removed the sidecar, and then he rode to work in Hat Yai. Kritsada was subsequently charged with theft and receiving stolen property.

Deputy Chief of the vehicle theft suppression unit, Police Lieutenant Anusit Niamklaew emphasised the importance of not leaving keys in vehicles. He warned that doing so makes the vehicle an easy target for thieves, as demonstrated by this case, reported KhaoSod.

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