Thaksin’s parole won’t alter Thailand’s politics, says Pheu Thai

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Pheu Thai Party Deputy Leader Chusak Sirinil recently threw light on the potential impact of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra‘s impending parole, stating that it won’t significantly alter the political landscape of the nation. He expressed confidence in the current government’s performance and the prime minister’s full functionality, dismissing the speculations of major changes anticipated by many political observers.

Chusak reinforced the party’s belief that criticism is welcomed but should be confined within the legal framework to prevent the emergence of division or discord. When asked about Thaksin’s return strengthening the Pheu Thai Party, Chusak put forth that the party’s strength should be built on the expertise and capabilities of its existing personnel, reported The Pattaya News.

Yet, he acknowledged that the 74 year old Thaksin holds a unifying role for everyone associated with the Pheu Thai Party. Chusak also addressed queries about whether Thaksin’s parole could incite social conflicts. He redirected this concern to the ongoing judicial process stating that it should decide on the matter.

Chusak’s statements come amid the speculations surrounding the political implications of the former PMr’s parole. Thaksin, who was ousted from power following a military coup in 2006, was living in self-imposed exile to avoid a corruption conviction he claims was politically motivated. His return to Thailand sparked a wide array of speculations, with analysts divided on its potential impact on the country’s political fabric.

Chusak Sirinil’s comments provide a glimpse into the Pheu Thai Party’s perspective on this matter. His emphasis on the party’s independence and resilience, coupled with his recognition of Thaksin’s unifying role, underscores the party’s preparedness for any potential outcomes.

However, his insistence on adherence to the legal framework underlines an assurance towards maintaining peace and stability, even amidst the uncertainties of the political landscape. As the nation anticipates the judicial decision on Thaksin’s parole, the Pheu Thai Party’s stance sends a strong message of unity, resilience, and adherence to the rule of law.

Unity and resilience

In response to the rumours and conjectures, Chusak added that the government is performing its duties, and the prime minister is fully functioning. He dismissed the anticipated seismic shifts in the political scenario.

“The party must be strong and stand on the knowledge and abilities of its existing personnel.”

Chusak highlighted the importance of internal strength over external factors.

As Thailand continues to navigate its political journey, all eyes remain on the unfolding events, awaiting the decisions of the judicial process and their potential impact on the nation’s political landscape.

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