Thailand’s Pacific-to-Indian Ocean Land Bridge project

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Thailand’s anticipated land bridge project, aiming to connect the Pacific and Indian Oceans, is set to become reality, with bidding anticipated by late next year, the Transport Ministry confirmed.

The colossal 1-trillion-baht project will construct deep-sea ports in Chumphon on the Gulf of Thailand and Ranong on the Andaman coast, linked by a state-of-the-art transport route. This ambitious infrastructure aims to alleviate congestion in the Malacca Straits, the current primary trade artery for cargo.

Transport Minister Suriya Juangroongruangkit revealed the overwhelming investor interest in the project following roadshows in Italy and Saudi Arabia, as well as a significant market-sounding event in Bangkok on May 30.

“We expect to see bidders [for the land bridge project] in late 2025.”

The ministry is preparing a bill to present to the House of Representatives in July, integrating feedback from potential investors. Deputy Transport Minister Manaporn Charoensri emphasised the importance of a draft act for the Southern Economic Corridor (SEC) to coincide with the land bridge project’s bidding process.

“We will accelerate the draft act’s preparation because it is important for driving the country’s economy.”

Kitti Limsakul, an adviser to the House committee considering the land bridge project, echoed these sentiments. He highlighted the keen interest from over 100 Thai and international firms during the recent market-sounding event and stressed the necessity of the SEC draft act for facilitating land expropriation and ensuring local benefits.

Kitti urged the Transport Ministry to finalise the draft act this year and establish a committee and office for the SEC to drive development. He projected construction to commence by September next year, aiming for completion in three phases by 2027, reported The Nation.

“If lawmakers and people do not oppose the draft act, we believe the bidding [for the land bridge project] should open within 2025.”

In related news, people’s networks from Ranong and Chumphon provinces rallied in front of the Lang Suan district office, vehemently opposing the controversial multi-billion baht Land Bridge project planned for their region.

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