Fugitive caught after 16 years, taunting police on social media

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Sixteen years on the run ended abruptly for a fugitive wanted for attempted murder after he taunted police on social media.

On June 1, a team led by Montri Teshkan, Police Major General, arrested 35 year old Wuttichai, also known as Kay,in Chumphon’s Lang Suan district.

Authorities had been searching for Wuttichai following an incident on April 10, 2008. That night, while drinking at a bar in Kathu, Phuket, Wuttichai got into a quarrel with another patron. The argument escalated, and Wuttichai stabbed the man before fleeing the scene. The victim reported the attack, leading to a warrant issued by the Phuket Provincial Court on April 21, 2008.

“I was drinking and things got out of hand.”

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Wuttichai claimed that the stabbing was in self-defence.

Since the warrant, Wuttichai had been evading capture, frequently changing jobs. His luck ran out when he posted a provocative message on Facebook, mocking the police’s inability to catch him. In his post, Wuttichai dared the police, claiming no authority could apprehend him. He even disclosed his location, boasting about his evasion skills.

“Which cop dares to arrest someone like me? I’ve been wanted since 2007. No cop is brave enough. I’m in Ta Khun; come if you can.”

This brazen act led the police to intensify their efforts. They discovered Wuttichai was working at a durian purchasing shop in Lang Suan. A plan was devised, and the team arrested him in the company’s parking lot, reported KhaoSod.

During the arrest, Wuttichai partially confessed, admitting to the stabbing but insisted it was self-defence. He claimed the Facebook post was merely for show and did not expect it would lead to his capture.

The police have since handed Wuttichai over to Patong Police Station to proceed with the charges.

In related news, the Thai Ministry of Justice, in coordination with Indonesian authorities, successfully arrested a major fugitive in Bali, Indonesia, after he had been on the run since October of last year.

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