Thailand’s CPPD calls for collective action against youth vaping

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A plea has been made by the Consumer Protection Police Division (CPPD) for collective action to safeguard Thai youngsters from the adverse health effects of e-cigarettes. Police Major General Wittaya Sriprasert, CPPD chief, stressed the need for educators, school personnel, parents, and relatives of young children to collaborate in imparting knowledge about the health hazards linked with vaping.

In addition, he emphasised the necessity for young people to understand the legal repercussions of infringing laws that ban the sale and possession of such devices in Thailand. Reflecting on CPPD data, he mentioned that the incidence of illegal sales and possession of e-cigarettes and their cartridges has seen an upward trend in recent times.

In 2022, law enforcement officers confiscated vapes and cartridges to the tune of two million baht from 31 vendors. In the past year, they seized products worth 10.14 million baht (US$280,000) from 25 vendors. As of this month, CPPD officials have seized merchandise amounting to 2.7 million baht (US$73,000) in 42 cases.

Forty-two-year-old Khin and 25 year old Hhyo, both Myanmar nationals, were apprehended recently, on April 13, for vending vapes and cartridges along Sukhumvit Road in Watthana district. A significant amount of e-cigarettes were found in their possession.

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The CPPD chief disclosed that a study has been conducted to discern the reasons behind the rapid popularity of e-cigarettes among Thai youths, despite their illegality under Thai law. The study revealed that most consumers were enticed by the appealing designs of the devices and the extensive range of flavours and varieties available.

He noted that online marketing strategies and other advertisement methods employed by e-cigarette manufacturers and traders to attract young people have contributed to the surge in the popularity of vapes. Furthermore, the study discovered that because e-cigarettes cost less than traditional cigarettes and can be used repeatedly, many perceived them as providing good value for money, reported Bangkok Post.

However, he concluded that the level of awareness among Thai youths about the real health impact of e-cigarette use remains relatively low.

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