Thailand Video News | Disabled son of premier league star takes to Muay Thai ring, Deputy PM Anutin affirms support for regulated cannabis use

In this video, Alex and Jay cover the news stories across the country. The Move Forward Party faces legal hurdles over monarchy reform, while Deputy PM Anutin advocates for regulated cannabis amidst controversy. Laotian monks on pilgrimage encounter harassment in Thailand, and a Thai man runs naked for conscription exemption. In Muay Thai, a disabled man breaks boundaries with a unique legacy.

Thailand’s Move Forward Party Faces Legal Challenge Over Monarchy Reform Efforts

Thailand’s Constitutional Court has agreed to hear a case seeking the dissolution of the Move Forward Party, marking a significant setback for the country’s anti-establishment movement. This legal move stems from the party’s controversial campaign to reform laws protecting the monarchy, a campaign that has already led to over 260 prosecutions in recent years. The court’s decision follows a prior ruling that deemed the party’s proposal unconstitutional, interpreting it as an attempt to undermine the monarchy. Despite its electoral success and popularity, particularly among young and urban voters, Move Forward faces potential dissolution and political bans for its leaders, echoing the fate of its predecessor, Future Forward. This development underscores the tension between progressive reforms advocated by Move Forward, including the end of military conscription and the dismantling of business monopolies, and Thailand’s conservative establishment, which views the monarchy as sacrosanct.


Thailand’s Deputy PM Anutin Advocates for Regulated Cannabis Use Amid Legal Controversy

In Thailand, Deputy Prime Minister Anutin Charnvirakul has publicly supported the regulated use of cannabis, amidst a growing debate over the plant’s legal status. This announcement comes in the wake of remarks by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, who proposed reclassifying marijuana as an illicit substance, citing adverse societal impacts. Anutin, who previously served as Minister of Public Health, emphasized the benefits of cannabis in medical, economic, and research sectors, aligning with the government’s policy. Despite some governmental calls for its recriminalization, Anutin argued for regulation over outright illegality, highlighting potential economic gains and the medicinal value recognized internationally. His stance represents a pivotal moment in Thailand’s cannabis debate, balancing between traditional drug policies and progressive views on marijuana use.


Laotian Monks Harassed During Pilgrimage in Thailand by Overzealous Individual

In an unsettling event that has sparked widespread reaction online, two Laotian monks and a male follower were subjected to harassment during their pilgrimage across Thailand. While resting at a bus stop in Nakhon Sawan province, they were approached by an individual on a motorcycle, persistently offering them sexual favors. Despite the monks’ refusal and attempts to leave, the individual followed them, continuing her propositions. A video shared by one of the monks, Lin Sujitto, on social media, showcases the distressing encounter, raising concerns over potential sexual assault. The video, which quickly went viral, has elicited mixed reactions from Thai netizens, with many praising the monks for their restraint and adherence to their vows. Lin, in a display of forgiveness, has called for no repetition of such actions towards monks, highlighting the gravity of the misconduct. The incident sheds light on the challenges religious figures can face and the importance of respecting monastic boundaries.


Intoxicated Man Arrested in Bangkok for Firearms Display

Bangkok police apprehended a 60-year-old man, Prasobchok, also known as Chok Samkok, for flaunting a firearm while under the influence of alcohol. The operation involved senior officers, including Metropolitan Police Chief Lieutenant General Thiti Saengsawang. Prasobchok faces charges related to the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, discovered during a raid on his rental room in Phasi Charoen District. Authorities seized a semi-automatic pistol, multiple rounds of ammunition, and a knife. The arrest followed citizen reports of Prasobchok’s public weapon display and suspected drug use. With a history of illegal gambling and no firearm permit, Prasobchok’s capture marks a significant response to community concerns over safety and illegal activities.


Thai Man Fulfills Unique Vow by Running Naked for Conscription Exemption

In an unusual display of gratitude, a Thai man ran naked after being exempted from military conscription, fulfilling his promise to a Buddha statue in Ang Thong province. The incident highlights a common practice among Thai men who, hoping to avoid conscription, turn to religious or supernatural beliefs for assistance. The Royal Thai Army’s annual conscription process, which mandates military service for those drawing a red card, drives many to seek divine intervention. This year, from April 1 to 12, those hoping for exemption visited renowned shrines like the one housing the Luang Por Khao Statue, believed to have granted conscription exemption to many. Following tradition, the man, along with others who had their wishes granted, performed a ritual involving running naked and striking an aluminium bucket, all to honor their pledges to the revered statue. This act, typically carried out discreetly at night, underscores the lengths to which some Thai men will go to avoid military service, amidst ongoing debates about the conscription system and its impact on young men’s lives and careers.


A disabled man is Breaking Boundaries in Muay Thai with a Unique Legacy

Jake Peacock, the disabled son of former Premier League star Gavin Peacock, is set to challenge conventions in Muay Thai, stepping into the ring in Thailand against Kohei Shinjo. Born into a family celebrated for its football achievements, with his father and grandfather both having illustrious careers in English football, Jake chose a different path in combat sports. Despite being born without his right hand, he has defied expectations, securing titles in Canada and earning a reputation for his distinctive fighting style. Peacock’s approach, tailored to his physical condition, showcases his adaptability and innovative spirit in the sport. Beyond the ring, Jake’s journey reflects a deep personal transformation, anchored by his Christian faith, which has guided him through challenges and bullying related to his disability. As he prepares for his fight at ONE Friday Fights 58, Jake’s story stands as a testament to perseverance, identity beyond physical limitations, and the pursuit of excellence on one’s own terms.

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