Thailand urged to harness and adopt solar energy to cut costs

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Thailand’s abundance of sunlight offers an opportunity for a solar energy revolution, but high costs and regulatory barriers are holding back widespread adoption. Vice President of the Solar Energy Association of Thailand, Piyasak Pichetanawin, urged the government to support the use of solar energy, particularly in the industrial sector.

Piyasak emphasises the importance of green energy, which can significantly reduce energy costs for businesses. He advocates for educating the public on the benefits of clean and environmentally friendly solar energy.

European nations mandate that products imported from other regions must be produced using clean energy, setting high standards for their manufacturing processes. Following suit, he urges that Thailand must integrate clean energy into its production processes to remain competitive in the global market.

Many countries are shifting to clean energy to maintain their export businesses. If Thailand’s production sector fails to adopt clean energy, Piyasak remains sceptical of the nation’s capability to compete with countries that have already made the switch.

Piyasak believes that fully implementing solar energy in heavy industry for export will benefit all parties. Businesses will enjoy lower production costs and tax exemptions due to cleaner energy usage.

Currently, clean energy technology is increasingly becoming more accessible and affordable, with solar panel costs dropping by more than 30% from their original prices. The technology is now easier to install, use, and maintain, with a longer lifespan. The initial investment in solar panels has decreased, making it more feasible for widespread adoption.

Growing interest

Piyasak noted that there is growing interest in clean energy among the public. The project ensures that installations are carried out by qualified and standard-compliant contractors. Clean energy is now being utilised in various sectors, ranging from national utilities to shopping centres and households.

For solar panel installations, the vice president noted that it is crucial to match the system size to the user’s needs while urging governments to support this transition by simplifying the complex and cumbersome approval processes.

Piyasak urges relevant agencies to adjust policies to make clean energy affordable and accessible. Although Thailand has a strong energy security framework, there are still significant barriers to accessing clean energy. Making clean energy more accessible and convenient for the public is essential.

Piyasak highlights Thailand’s solar potential, stating that many countries envy the nation’s abundant sunlight. Despite the complaints about the heat, he urges that Thais must learn to harness this free resource effectively, reported KhaoSod.

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