Thailand PM Prayut says he ‘can’t please everyone’

Thailand’s prime minster said he’s done his best and “can’t please everyone.” He also said he’ll respect the whatever voters decide in the upcoming election, regardless of the outcome. Speaking to the press at the Government House on Wednesday, PM Prayut Chan-o-chawith said…

“I am trying to do my job to the best of my ability. Despite criticism and insults against me, I hold no grudge against anyone… I cannot please everyone, but I have to act for the benefit of most people. If I have a chance, I will carry on. If not, I will just go back home. That’s all.”

Prayut also justified his Tuesday trip to Saphan Khao market, where he met with vendors, saying he wanted to mingle with the locals and boost their morale during time of “economic hardship” — not canvass to improve his public image before the next election.

“I told them I am doing all I can to help them. I know people are experiencing hardship and unhappiness. Therefore, as a prime minister, how can I be happy? I receive reports 24 hours every day. I also get information from social media. I know how people are suffering.”

Regarding the fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has caused fuel prices to rise and compounded existing pressures from the pandemic, Prayut said…

“The government is trying to tackle problems, though we may not yet achieve 100% of our goals and not everyone is satisfied with it. But we have to admit that the crisis is unprecedented. This must be taken into account and the government should be given fair treatment.”

Earlier this week, Prayut dismissed the National Institute of Development Administration’s recent poll results of potential candidates in the country, which were announced on Sunday. The NIDA poll showed that the incumbent PM’s popularity is fading. Prayut insisted he’s done a good job and so has the government under his leadership. But the voting public appear to think otherwise.

According to the poll for the post oof prime minister, Prayut was outpolled by Pita Limjaroenrat, leader of the Move Forward Party, by 13.42% to 12.67%. The incumbent PM’s popularity had already sat at less than 17% in December, while nearly 28% of voters indicated that none of the names on the list were well suited for the job of leading the country.

Meanwhile, Prayut will continuing his non-canvassing campaign, saying he’ll visit more people to give them moral support — whether they like him or not. And he intends to show up unannounced, kind of like Santa Claus, but without the gifts, and instead of reindeer, bodyguards…

“I am not doing everything just for the sake of canvassing for votes. Problems often arise if such a visit is declared in advance. Therefore, I have to find a chance to visit myself. But I also have to heed advice from officials responsible for security arrangements.”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post


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